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Vivaro Combi


With three rows of seats configured to suit your family's specific needs, the Vivaro Combi moves people and goods with an emphasis on flexibility and comfort.  Prečítajte Si Viac Zobraziť Menej

Vivaro Combi+

Genius efficiency

The Vivaro Combi+ pushes flexibility to the max with space for a family of up to nine and an enormous luggage load space of between 1-4000 litres. It's a revolution on wheels.

Vivaro Tourer

The comfort package

Vivaro Tourer provides space for up to nine people with smart touches such as second-row swivel seats and foldable tables, for practical, social travel.

Movano Combi

The smart all-rounder

Available with six seats or nine, the Movano Combi champions smart interior design to deliver maximum comfort for the family. With excellent economy, it's a superb all-rounder. Prečítajte Si Viac Zobraziť Menej

Movano Bus

The passenger transporter

Big group, big space: With its outstanding interior seating layout, the Movano Bus allows you to feel good about transporting up to sixteen people at once. Prečítajte Si Viac Zobraziť Menej