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Flatbed Trucks

Movano Tipper

Everything under control

Robost and economical - with a strong floor and remote-controlled load tilting mechanism, the Movano Tipper functions beautifully as both rear- and three-way tipper. Prečítajte Si Viac Zobraziť Menej

Movano Tipper Double Cabin

Ready for every challenge

The Movano Tipper Double Cabin offers more than just extra interior space - load bay tilting function with manual control ensures it's ready to rise to every challenge.

Movano Dropside

Simply brilliant

Even more flexibility: the Movano Dropside, with an enormous loading space of 4.3 metres in length and non-slip wooden floor, makes the task of transporting goods simple. Prečítajte Si Viac Zobraziť Menej

Movano Dropside Double Cabin

A true multi-tasker

Two rows, seven seats. The Movano Dropside Double Cabin has all the load practicality plus room for the entire family. It's the ultimate multitasker. Prečítajte Si Viac Zobraziť Menej